Earth And Sky Movements


Have you ever wondered what the earth looks like?

Have you ever asked yourself how does this earth rotate around the sun or does the sun rotates around it?

Or what causes day and night to occur?

You don’t need to worry too much; today we will be discussing Earth and Sky movement.

Both humans and animals live in the earth. The earth rotate around it axis which is from west to east. The rotation of the earth causes both day and night around the sun. So, when the earth rotate, only half of it faces the sun and the other half is in darkness. This is the reason why a country in Africa can be in the day why another country in Europe can be in night. It’s as a result of Earth moving around the sun.

It takes earth 24 hours to move around the sun and that is day and night, which makes a day.

The Sun

The Sun is a big ball of burning gas and it’s the primary source of light and heat as previously discussed. The day time begins as the sun rise while night start as the sun sets, which is from west (Sun rise) and east (Sun sets).

Earth Revolution

To make a complete revolution, the earth must rotate 365 days for revolution to occur. This revolution causes some part of the earth to receive more sunlight at one point than the other. Also, revolution makes us realize seasons in a year.


There are two types of season in a year (Nigeria) for example. They are wet and dry season. There is also a harmattan period.

  1. Wet season
  2. Dry season


  1. It takes how many days for the earth to complete a resolution?
  2. What causes day and night?
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