Primary And Secondary Colors


As discussed in the previous class that colors are components of lights which reflected off on an object. However, there are classes of colors.

Classes of Colors

There are three main classes of Colors.

  1. Primary colors: These are colors that cannot be gotten by mixture of colors. They are called primary colors because they are the first set of colors that produces other colors. They are; Red, Blue and Yellow.
  2. Secondary colors: These are colors that produce from a mixture of two primary colors. They are next to primary colors and they are; Green, Orange and Violet
  3. Tertiary Colors: These are colors gotten as a result of combining two primary colors together or mixture of both primary and secondary colors together.

Uses of Colors

  1. Colors are used to convey
  2. Colors are used to communicate mood. For example Red for Love
  3. Colors are used as symbols
  4. Colors can change an action or cause a reaction
  5. Colors are used to beautify our environments


  1. What are primary colors and their examples?
  2. What are secondary colors and their examples?
  3. What are tertiary colors and their examples?
  4. List three uses of colors in our everyday lives.
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