The Component Of Light And Primary Colors


Color is said to be a component of light which is separated when it is reflected off of an object. For example the sun shine in the day and the sky reflects blue.

So, it is evident that colors are caused as a result of different light qualities which reflect. To have a color, you must have light. When light shines on a substance, some will absorbed while some will reflect or bounce back.

Component of Lights

There are different components of light. But in today’s class, we will be discussing three main components of light. They are;

  1. Zone Lighting: This is type of a component light needed for special or specific activities. For example, you want to take your book and read, you want to paint, eat and many more activities as this.

2. Ambient Lighting: From the word ambient this means something to be present on all sides. It’s a type of light component that illuminate or shines all around a medium or room evenly.

  1. Mood Light: This is the types of light component that shine or illuminate but in a dim way. It doesn’t serve general purpose. For example, table lamp, candles, lantern etc.


  1. What are colors?
  2. List and explain the components of light.
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