Use Of Drawing Instrument


In today’s class we will be discussing Drawing instruments and their uses. But before that, let’s ask this question.

What are drawing instruments?

Drawing instruments are materials and tools needed and used to create a virtual art. Drawing instruments are as follow and their uses.

  1. Pencil: This is one of the basic and fundamental tools among others. It consists of lead and covered with constructed light wood. It usually produces grey or black color while in use.

2. Protractor: This is a semi-cicular plastic apparatus with prints of measures up to 180 degrees. It is used to measure angles.

3. Computer: A compass has two moveable arms; One holds the pencil and the other make a grip on the drawing sheet or board for easy rotation drawings. It’s used to draw arcs and circles.

4. French Curves: These are tools used to draw curves to find the section of the curve that matches the shape of the figure.

5. Drawing Sheet/Paper: This is also one of the fundamental tools needed to draw. Without a drawing sheet, drawing won’t be possible.

6. Eraser: This is used to clean up any mistakes made while drawing or working on drawing sheet or paper.

7. Ruler: This can either be long or short. The long ruler with a head is called T-square while the short one is known as ruler. Both are used to make straight lines and join lines together where needed.

8. Drawing Board: This is where all materials and instruments are placed especially the paper or drawing sheet. It is made of wood and its surface must be smooth.


  1. List One uses of the following: (i) Ruler (ii) Drawing Sheet/Paper (iii) Compass (iv) Pencil (v) Drawing Board.
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