Measurement | recording weight and mass


Welcome to class!

Welcome back, my amazing friends! Today, we’re going to embark on an exciting journey into the world of measurement once more. But this time, we’ll explore how to record weight and mass. Are you ready to become weight and mass wizards? 

Measurement | recording weight and mass

What is Weight and Mass?

What is Weight and Mass?

First things first, let’s understand what weight and mass are. Imagine you have a bag of colorful marbles. Weight is how heavy that bag of marbles feels when you hold it. Mass, on the other hand, is how many marbles are inside the bag. So, weight is about how heavy something is, and mass is about how much stuff is in it! 

Why Record Weight and Mass?

Why Record Weight and Mass

Think about this: when you bake yummy chocolate cookies, you need to know how much flour to use. If you don’t record the weight of the flour, your cookies might turn into pancake cookies! Recording weight and mass helps us follow recipes and make things just right.

Why Record Weight and Mass

Let’s explore some everyday examples. Have you ever seen a bathroom scale? You step on it, and it tells you how much you weigh. That’s recording your weight! Or, in the kitchen, your grown-up might use a kitchen scale to weigh ingredients for a delicious cake. It’s all about getting the recipe perfect! 

Time for Classwork

Now, it’s your turn to have some fun! Find a small toy or object, and use a special scale to weigh it. Write down the weight, just like a scientist! Then, you can compare it to the weight of other toys. Who’s the heaviest? Who’s the lightest? 

In today’s class, we’ve learned that weight is how heavy something feels, while mass is how much stuff is in it. Recording weight and mass helps us make delicious cookies and play fun weighing games!

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