Nigerian Artworks

Nigeria have its own arts from our various tribes and community. They are made from bronze, clay, brass and wood.

Like the eastern parts of Nigeria mostly make use of clay, wood and raffia palm to produce artwork such as mats, pottery, slippers. Etc.

The westerners make use of cloth, wood and calabash to produce an Adire eleko, wood masks, and different designs with calabash.

The northerners make use of animal skin to produce shoes, bags, ornaments, mats, etc.

Nigeria Art works

  1. Nok Art: they ae the earliest African sculpture and are usually made of clay.
  2. Benin Art: they are made of bronze. They can also be called court art.
  3. Ife Art: they are the most naturalistic of all the arts and they are made of bronze.
  4. Igbo – Ukwu Art: they are also naturalistic and mostly decorated with coloured beads, stones and glass and are made of bronze.


Famous Nigeria artwork

  • Bronze vessel of igbo ukwu.
  • Bronze head of queen mother.
  • Nok terracotta head
  • Bronze head of ooni of Obalufon

.  Benin of Ivory mask

The lists can go on and on with the famous Nigeria artworks.

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