Uses Of Colors In The Society

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Today we will be discussing Use Colors In The Society

Colors can be use for many different things and some of it uses are statement making, creating an emotional or otherwise atmosphere or even call for response. Color expresses outwards towards the world, but it also helps us to travel inwards towards spiritual states, towards our true self. However, let’s visit some of these main use of colors in our society.

  1. Colors are used for fashion: As far as fashion is concern, the cut and style we makes with our clothes can’t be any less effective or even undermine, but it is color which will add the personal touch, showing something of our personality or our current state.
  2. Colors are used for decoration: Colors like green in the hospital ward, yellow in the kindergarten and white colors in the white house particularly speaks and makes the buildings beautiful. At home colors are a way to nourish ourselves. Particularly as we move into the more private areas of the house such as our bedroom. We choose colors that make us feel good, relaxed, nourished, revived or buoyant, what ever we wish.
  3. Colors speak the vision and intention of businesses, firms or organization: Business, firms or organisation needs colors to give meaning to their distinctive mission, vision or the intention of such firms or organisations. color can be used to achieve desired results. Blue is good for suits and black for the police, Nigeria in particular. It looks authoritative, because police use their voice as one of the areas to issue instructions.
  4. Colors can be used for marketing and design: In marketing and design color can help to support a message, green says fresh for vegetables. Red says exciting, sexy. Gold some how says quality. The associations for each color play a vital role here, however they must also be modified for local cultural considerations. For example black is for funerals in the West, but in China white is used.
  5. Art and culture: In the world of art and high culture color plays an important symbolic role. In Christian art for example the Virgin Mary typically appears in blue and white. These colors say heavenly (blue sky) and pure (white). She was a virgin, sexually (red) inactive. Her son Jesus as the Christ typically appears in red and white. White for purity again but red here is for action, engaging with the earth and life upon it. Jesus did not stay on the mountain meditating. He led a spiritual revolution in society.
  6. Colors are use in our everyday life: On the street color is used not just for signs but also as light itself. For example red is used not just on prohibitive road signs – No Entry, Danger – but red also appears as the color of car brake lights and as the “stop” color in traffic lights. Red signals “Stop”. But red also has the effect of waking us up, bringing us out of daydreams into the here and now. It is the color for stop but also the energy that wakes us up.So, color is used and needed in our every day lives.

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In the next class, we will be discussing Uses Of Textures In The Society

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