Kalimatu Shahadat is one of time pillars of Islam. In reading the Shahadat a muslim bears witness that Allah is the only true God and Muhammed is Allah’s prophet. It is also known as Kalimatun Tayyibatun’s.
Meaning: ‘’I bear witness that there is no God except Allah’’. The Kalimatu Shahadat is a testimonia word and an Islamic creed declaring belief in oneness of Allah and the acceptance of Muhammed as Allah prophet. It regarded as the first pillar of Islam.
OBSERVATION: The declaration of faith, i.eKalimatu Shahadat are in two part, one neglects false gods and shirk and confirms the uniqueness of Allah while the other testifies to the messenger-ship of Allah’s prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) the recitation of this statement with personal conviction is the main qualification and what makes a muslim.

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