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Umar Ibn Al-Khattab reported that the messenger of Allah (S.A.W) said act one shall be judged according to intention.
Importance of Hadith
The Hadith emphasis;
The importance of having an intention for every action
It teaches us to always renew our intention
Involvement in Islamic work should be based on worshipping Allah
Blessed salutation, pure actions and all worship are to Allah. Peace be upon you, o prophet and mercy of Allah and his blessing, peace be upon us all and on the righteous servant of God.
I bear the witness that there is no other god but Allah and i bear witness that Muhammed is His servant and messenger.
Articles of faith
In Islam, muslims doctrine often summarized in the six articles of faith. These are the fundamental belief which every muslim must scribe to. These articles are:
Belief in the oneness of Allah
Belief in the Angels
Belief in the Book of Allah
Belief in the Prophets
Belief in the Day of Judgement
Belief in the destiny or destination.
Belief of Allah
The central belief in Islam and most important theme of Islam is that there is only one God “Allah”.

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