Hijra means migration moving from one place or location to another. The prophet Muhammad alongside his companion lefty their home and livelihood in makkah and to be known as medinah due due to operation and persecution they faced in their hometown in makkah in the yaer 622, the first ever hijrah was done by Muslim led by Jafa’ar bn Abu thalib Abysina (Ethiopia).
It is an integral part of Islam history it is the counting of the Islam calendar start with the first year of migration. Hijrah is important as it stand for movement from falsehood, negative lifestyle bad environment, positive lifestyle and spiritual endowed environment

Oppress of Muslim by the of makkah
Persection of the poor and vulnerable muslim by theright and powerful meccans
The plot nto kill the prophet by tye chieftain of makkah n
The commandant of allah to tyhe prophet to leave makkah for medinah

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