1. Source of Food (Protein): Virtually all farm animals provide food for mankind, especially protein, minerals and vitamins. Proteins are required by man for growth and repairs of body tissues. Man takes animal protein in the form of meat, milk and eggs.

2. Draught Animals: Most farm animals serve as draught in the form of farm power. Some farm animals such as bulls, donkeys and horses are used as sources of farm power, especially when they are involved in tillage equipment in crop production.

3. Sources of Hide and Skin: Hide and skin are derived from the skin of cattle, sheep, goats, rabbits etc. Hide and skin are used to make bags, shoes, foot wears, jackets and decorations.

4. Source of Farm Yard Manure: Animal dung or manure is produced mainly by all terrestial animals like cattle, sheep, goat and poultry birds. Farm yard manure serves as fertilisers and improves the structure and texture of the soil. It prevents erosion and has buffering effects on the soil.

5. Employment Opportunity: Animal husbandry provides employment for majority of livestock farmers in Nigeria. Animal husbandry provides jobs to cattle rearers, poultry farmers, pig farmers etc.

6. Source of Income: All farm animals are also reared to provide income to farmers. Egg production, broiler production and cattle rearing provide income to the farmers.

7. Industrial Uses: Farm animals are also known to provide raw materials for examples eggs are used in pharmaceutical industries (i.e. production of some medicines). Some other animal products are used for paint making, adhesives, manufacturing of vaccines and cosmetics.

8. Sources of Foreign Exchange: Some farm animals and their products can also be exported to other countries, thereby generating foreign exchange for the nation.

9. For Sports and Games: Some farm nimals such as horses are used in sports and ames, especially in horse riding and polo, etc.

10. Means of Transportation: Some farm animals such as donkeys, horses and camels e used as means of transportation in the rthern parts of Nigeria.

11. For Research Purposes: Some farm mals such as rabbits, snails, pigs, etc. are ed for research purposes which in turn becomes useful to humanity.



1. (a) What are farm animals?

(b) Define animal husbandry.

(c) State ten (10) farm animals you know.

(a) Identify the main classes of farm animals.

(b) List at least two (2) farm animals in each of the classes

3. (a) Write short notes on: (i) Monogastric and

(ii) Polygastric animals

(b) Distinguish between ruminant and non-ruminant livestock.

4. Distinguish between micro and macro farm animals and give three (3) examples of each.

5. Enumerate the economic importance of farm animals.

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