Pigs are non-ruminant animals and they belong to the family called sudae. There are two main species of pigs_sus sacrofa and sus vittatus.


Breeds of Pig


(1) Large White


(2) Large Black


(3) Duroc Jersey


(4) Poland China


(5) Tamworth


(6) West African Dwarf pig


(7) Hampshire str


(8) American Landrace


(9) Chester White.


(10) Belgium Pie Train


All the breed types are grouped into three classes:


(a) Meat type


(b) Lard type


(c) The Bacon type.


Pigs are reared mainly for meat, pig skin, bristle and manure.


Terminology Used in Pig


Boar – A mature male pig.


Sow – A mature female pig.


Gilt – A female pig that is mature to reproduce or has reproduced once.


Piglet – The young or baby pig.


Weaners – Young pigs just separated from the mother.


Fatteners – Old pigs reared for the market.


Barrow – A castrated male pig


Farrowing – The act of parturition in pig

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