The reproductive system includes all the organs and tissues concerned with reproduction in animals. Reproduction is the ability in animals to give birth to young ones. The purpose of reproduction is to ensure continuity of life.

Functions of the Reproductive System

(I) It ensures the continuity of species by gamete for motion, coitus, mating or servicing.

(ii) It ensures the formation of eggs and spermatozoa (sperm cells).

(iii) It ensures the production of reproductive hormones.


The general functions of the parts and organs of farm animal are the following:

(1) The Breakdown of Food into Metabolic Nutrients: The digestive system do help to break down food susbtances into metabolic nutrients in the body to be

(2) Provision of Oxygen for Metabolic Process: The respiratory system also helps to provide oxygen necessary for must metabolic processes in the body.

(3) Enhancement Stimulus: The nervous 2system and the skin, tougue, eye, ear,etc. enhance stimulus of some parts of the body to certain sensations.

(4) Provision of Blood to all Parts of the Body: The circulatory system helps to to provide blood to all parts of the body.

(5) Supporting the Animal Structure: The skeletal system also helps to support the animal structure.

(6) Helping in the Production of Offspring: The reproductive system also assists in the production of offspring.


1(a) What are monogastric and ruminant animals? Give two examples each. (b) In a tabular form, differentiate between monogastric and ruminant digestive systems.

2. With the aid of a labelled diagram, describe digestion in a named non ruminant.

3(a) List the composition of blood and state their functions.

(b) Briefly describe the functions of blood.

4. Write short notes on:

(a) Diastole

(b) Systole

(c) Systemic circulation

(d) Pulmonary circulation.

5. Differentiate between:

(a) artery and vein

(b) aerobic and anaerobic respiration

(c) inspiration and expiration.

6(a) Briefly describe a simple reflex action and state four examples.

(b) With the aid of a labelled diagram, describe the structure of the brain.

7(a) Name four organs of farm animals.

(b) Discuss the structure and functions of one of the organs named in (a).

8(a) With the aid of a well labelled diagram, describe the male reproductive system.

(b) Write short notes on gestation in cattle. (SSCE Nov. 1992).

9. With the aid of a labelled diagram, describe digestion in a named ruminant. (SSCE June, 1994).

10(a) Enumerate three major organs in each of the thoracic and abdominal cavities of farm animals.

(b) State two functions of the nervous system and one function of the reproductive system.

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