Making Time for Art in the School

The above benefits of arts and crafts activities clearly show how crucial art is for development and what a positive impact art can have! But, most importantly, it is an enjoyable subject which is highly individual and open to interpretation.


Art is a subject that can be linked to many other subjects! If your school takes a topic based approach, it is very straightforward to incorporate art. For example, if your topic is the Stone Age, you could incorporate art easily with activities such as cave painting and designing a Stone Age house with natural materials. Even without a topic based approach, it is easy to link art in with texts being studied in English, with RE topics or even maths with the creation of helpful posters to aid understanding of key concepts.

However, it is also important to have art as a stand-alone subject with off-timetable sessions. The off-timetable sessions add an element of surprise and excitement to art lessons. For example, your school may take part in designing Christmas cards or getting involved in charitable events, such as cake sales.

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