Creativity goes hand in hand with imagination! Imagination underpins creativity and vice versa. Imagination is crucial to problem solving, thinking outside of the box and being able to immerse oneself in many pursuits, such as art, literature and film. Being able to think creatively as well as creative expression helps to broaden the imagination.


Being creative helps children to understand themselves. Creativity is a valuable form of self-expression and the ways in which children’s creativity comes out helps them to understand their inner thoughts, feelings, likes and dislikes.


As well as helping them to understand themselves, creativity is a valuable method of self expression!


Creativity underpins key skills such as problem solving; thinking outside of the box is a key skill and can help to overcome a range of problems and challenges.


Creativity helps build resilience! Being able to think creatively helps us to look at setbacks and challenges in different ways, which then leads to being able to move past them or solve any problems.

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