We all know that perfection takes time. Whether that be the length of time it takes to complete a piece of art or successfully executing an artistic technique, it takes patience and dedication. Once their artwork is completed, children will feel a huge sense of accomplishment and will learn that hard work and dedication is very much rewarded. It can be tempting to rush things to get them completed quicker or to give up completely if it is taking longer than planned. But, with time, children’s levels of patience will increase and they will realise good things take time!

5) Concentration

Similarly, concentration is a skill which isn’t learnt overnight; it develops slowly. Remaining committed to the task at hand and not letting their minds wander can be challenging for some children. But, with an end goal in mind and the motivation to succeed, budding young artists will focus on their artistic vision. Practicing focus and concentration will benefit them in all areas of life and in a vast array of subjects.

6) Planning and Foresight

A key part of a teacher’s lesson planning incorporates giving pupils opportunity to practice their planning skills. Whether that be writing a plan for a Big Write or writing step by step planning for a scientific experiment, planning can be incorporated easily into the curriculum. With arts and crafts, it is important for children to have an end goal in mind before beginning. They will also need to think about materials and equipment they may need. For an artistic vision to be executed successfully, it is a good idea for children to think ahead and consider how they will achieve the end goal. Planning, and having foresight, is an important life skill which goes hand in hand with other key skills, such as organisation.

7) Organisational Skills

In a similar vein to planning, organisational skills can be developed through arts and crafts. Making sure they have the equipment they need close by, a good workspace and getting timings right can contribute hugely to the success of an art project. Being organised is, of course, a fantastic quality to have and can make everyday life that tiny bit easier.

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