FOOD AND BEVERGES: This belongs to the Food Service Industry, consisting of businesses that prepare food for customers. Food and Beverage industry is involved preparing, processing and


methods of serving foods and beverages. Proper knowledge of Food and Beverages is of importance


as to have ideas of the nutritional benefits. The industry is also involved in the processing of raw food


materials, packaging and distribution to the final consumer.


Food processing and preservation form part of this industry. Processing and preservation started from


inception of the Food industry. In order to preserve food, it is important to kill the micro-organism


that cause the spoilage and then store the food where it cannot be re-infected, or in conditions where


deterioration is slowed down or stopped. Food may be preserved by:


a) Removing the moisture in the food through drying or dehydration


b) Making the food cold through chilling or freezing


c) Applying heat through canning or bottling


d) Radiation using X-rays or gamma-rays.


e) Chemical means which could be salting, pickling or crystallizing




Vacuum packing


g) Gas storage


h) Under oil e.g. sardine package








PH value


k) Modified Atmosphere Packing (MAP)


The industry provides millions of meals a day in a wide variety of types of Food Service operation.


Food can include a wide range of styles and cuisine types, for example, oriental continental dishes,


local dishes, specialty such as fish, vegetation or health food. Beverages include all alcoholic and


non-alcoholic drinks. Alcoholic beverages include wines and all types of alcoholic drinks, example,


cocktails, beers, cider, spirits and liquor’s. Non-Alcoholic beverages include: mineral waters, squash


juices, aerated waters, zobo, soya-bean milk, tea, coffee, milk drinks, milk and proprietary drinks

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