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Painting is the interpretation of tone through the medium of colour drawn with the brush. It is a two- dimensional form of art expression which is used to describe the process and result of applying paint, chalk or other forms of related medium to a surface with a brush, knife or other related tools. It is a branch of fine art. The art of painting consists of the arrangement of lines, shape and colour in its various tones, values and texture to create aesthetic image or composition. Painting in various categories can be rendered in two forms, considering the type of pigment used. It could be rendered in a wet form, such as paints, watercolour, enamel, emulsion, gloss paints or dry form such as pastels.

The two forms are distinctively different in their application and techniques.


Basic Brush Techniques

Gradient Blending: This is the technique of blending two colours in gradient value or tone from one colour to the other with the principle of highlight, mid-tone and shadow.

Wet on Wet: This technique deals with multiple layers of wet paint application. This technique could be used to achieve colour gradual progression in a painting, manipulate the tones and intensity of the colour or for the sake of achieving another colour in the mix.

Scumbling: In this technique, the brush is impactfully placed in the surface in a way that makes the bristles spread out, then the brush is rotated making compact circular and varied motions to create a range brush stroke effect.

Glazing: This technique has similarity with wet on wet in the use of multiple layers or multiple colours.



Painting Medium:

A painting medium is a substance used by an artist to create a painting with the help of a tool. Painting can be made with a singular medium or variety of media on the artist’s theme and interpretation.

Some painting media are Poster colour, watercolour, pastel, acrylic, ink, tempera, oil.


one landscape painted on 3 diff mediums creative art classnotesng


Painting Techniques

  1. Wash
  2. Glazing
  3. Chiaroscuro
  4. Impasto
  5. Wet on wet
  6. Wet on dry




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