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In today’s Computer Science class, We will be discussing Types of Drawing and Shading Techniques. We hope you enjoy the class!


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Drawing is a creative medium, either as part of a process or as an independent art form used by an artist to express feelings and thoughts. It is an effective means of interpreting ideas, views or concepts of both decorative and functional art. A drawing can be executed in line with the different drawing categories or types with varied characteristics. It could be done as a sketch, plan, design or graphic representation. Depending on the purposes, the medium and surface is adequately chosen to suite e.g: pencil, pen, crayon, chalk paper, card, canvas, wood.


Life drawing

The study of the human figures form the basis in life drawing that is applied to portraiture, sculpture, ceramics, medical illustration, cartooning, book illustration and in other fields of arts. It comprises of the study of the human size in weight, heights, shapes, forms, facial feature. Proportions and character of the human figure is x-rayed in the study.

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Still life drawing

This type of drawing explores the study of inanimate objects in order to understand and be in tune with their shape, texture, production or construction details and proportion.

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Nature drawing

In nature drawing the artist is guided to understudy nature, its element and characteristics. The detailed study of animal sizes, shape, feature, body texture, trees, fruit, insects, shells, fishes, birds, cow, lions, seeds, sprouts, leaves, flower and whether, are the benefits of nature, drawing.


Imaginative drawing

It is a creative guide to develop the art student or artists mind towards the placement of imaginative persons, objects, trees, animal or weather in a piece of drawing


Grades of pencil for drawing

There are a few of the most and common grades of pencils, and their numbers. The ‘H’ category of pencils is characterized by its light quality. The letter ‘H’ means “hard’, so the grades under ‘H’ from H TO 9H represent varying degrees of hardness. As the number increases, so does the hardness of the pencil. The ‘B’ gradients are characterized by their dark shades. The letter ‘B’ means bold or black and is identified as soft lead pencils.

‘F’ grades are relatively hard lead pencils. The ‘F’ means ‘fine point’ which explains its very fine sharpened point

Shading: it is the use of light and heavy lines to give an impression of light and dark shapes. It is the technique for creating depth, texture and the illusion of a three-dimension on a flat surface with values and tones

Shading techniques

  1. Hatching technique
  2. Cross-hatching technique
  3. Pointillism technique
  4. Blurring
  5. Scumbling technique

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In our next class, we will be talking about Colour Theory and It’s Application. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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