Talking To God Through Jesus Christ

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Prayer is the act of talking to God. Prayer also means lifting up our hearts, and mind to God. Whenever we want to talk to God, we must have faith and believe that God will hear us. Prayer is very important in human life, it help us a lot when we are in problem. We can do a prayer of thanksgiving, prayer of deliverance, prayer of asking, and prayer of forgiveness. If is very good to pray, every religious people pray.

We pray to God by: kneeling down, standing up and closing our eyes .


(Matt 7:7-10)

We pray to God for the following reasons:

  1. Prayer helps us to get what we want from God.
  2. Prayer brings us closer to God.
  3. Through prayer, God gives us solution to problems.
  4. Prayer helps us to overcome temptations.


  1. Prayer of thanksgiving: this is the act of thanking God for all He as done for us.
  2. Prayer of confession: this is the act of confessing our sins to God and asking for His forgiveness.
  3. Prayer of intercession: this is the act of talking to God on behalf of another person.
  4. Prayer of petition: this the act of asking God what we want from Him and do in our lives.


  1. Raising the dead (Lazarus)
  2. Healing the sick
  3. Feeding of five thousand people

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