The Usefulness Of Insect To Farmers

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Insect are useful to farmer in various way but the common one of these insect are butter flies, bees, praying mantis.

  • Bees:- They produce honey. The field honeybees collect flower nectar and pass it into the month of a young worker. The house bee deposit the nectar in a cell and came out the task necessary to convert the nectar to honey when the honey is fully ripened, the cell is sealed with an air light way capping.
  • Butterfly:- They are useful in the sense that they help in the pollination of flowers. The butterflies eat plant nectar transferring pollen from one flower to another.
  • Praying mantis:- are very useful to farmer in the sense that help to kill harmful insect that destroy agricultural product

EVALUATION – what ways are bees useful to farmers?

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