Who is God? – God is Everywhere

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In today’s class, we’re going to continue talking about God. I trust you will enjoy the class!

Who is God? – God is Everywhere

Who is God? - God is Everywhere

– Understanding ‘Everywhere’:

  – ‘Everywhere’ means in all places at the same time. Just like air is all around us, God is present everywhere.

 God’s Presence:

  – God is a spirit, which means we cannot see Him, but He is always present.

  – He is with us in every place, whether we are at home, school, or playing outside.

 God’s Omnipresence

– What Does Omnipresence Mean?

  – Omnipresence is a big word that means being present in all places at all times.

  – It’s like when you play hide and seek, no matter where you hide, God can still ‘see’ you because He is everywhere.

 Stories of God’s Presence

Who is God? - God is Everywhere

– Biblical Examples:

  – The story of Jonah shows that even when Jonah tried to run away from God, God was still with him.

  – In Psalm 139, David talks about how God is with us no matter where we go.

– God is Always with Us:

  – Remind the children that no matter what happens or where they go, God is always with them.

  – Encourage them to talk to God anytime because He is always there to listen.

Class Activities

Finding God’s Presence:

  – I  want you to share with me times when you felt God’s presence, like feeling peace during a scary moment or joy when helping others.

God is Everywhere Craft:

  – I also want you to create a simple craft, like a paper airplane, to represent that just as the plane can go anywhere, God is everywhere.

We have come to the end of today’s class. I hope you enjoyed the class!

In the next class, we shall be discussing more about God. 

In case you require further assistance or have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below, and trust us to respond as soon as possible. Cheers!

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