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Conflict is a disagreement or a quarrel between two or more people over certain issues. Conflicts are natural in every human society. They could occur due to difference in views, opinions and ambitions of individuals. All the people in a particular society cannot think or act the same way over a particular issue.

Co-operation can be defined as working together for a common purpose in order to achieve a particular result. It is a very good promoter of societal values and so it cannot be overlooked. When an individual co-operates with other individuals in the society, society will make good progress. Mutual co-operation can arises in a society when individuals share a common interest and are determined to achieve that interest.

Importance of Communication and Co-operation

  • Language unites people
  • Promotes peace
  • Promotes business
  • Promotes culture
  • It keeps people informed
  • Promotes understanding
  • Promotes love and progress

Reasons for Group Conflict

The following are reasons for group conflict:

  • Lack of free and fair election
  • Discrimination
  • Level of education
  • Ignorance
  • Lack of unity
  • Lack of understanding


  1. Lack of peace and progress.
  2. Break down of law and order in society.
  3. Disunity among members of the community.
  4. Riots and wars.
  5. Confusion and insecurity in the society.

Ways to Resolve Group Conflict

  1. Through peaceful agreement by those involved in the conflict.
  2. By the head of family/school/village. A conflict could also be resolved through the effort of the head of a family, the head of a school, the king and members of his cabinet if it is a rural community.
  3. By the government. This done by the government when law enforcement agents like the police and military are sent to maintain peace.
  4. By reporting to the police. Conflicts could also be resolved by reporting the matter to the police.
  5. By going to the law court. A conflict could be settled in the court of law if an attempt at settlement fails at all other levels.
  6. Tolerance
  7. Understanding each other differences
  8. Honesty and sincerity
  9. Understanding each others language


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