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Meaning of Natural Resources

Natural resources are the minerals, water, energy, land, plants and animals which we find around us which are not made by man. Natural resources are valuable in their form. It is the wealth found in our country.

Nigeria’s Natural Resources

Nigeria has many natural resources including:

  • Land: To grow products such as cocoa, groundnut and palm kernel.
  • Crude oil: For petrol, diesel, lubricant and to export to other markets for revenue.
  • Natural Gas: For energy to generate electricity and to export to other markets for revenue.
  • Forestry: For trees, for wood, energy and paper products and plants for drugs.
  • Water: For fishing for ourselves and for exports to other markets for revenue.
  • Iron ore: Used to make steel which is crucial for constructing machinery, tools, ships and cars.
  • Coal: For energy.
  • Cotton: Is used to make our clothes.
  • Columbite: Is used to make the body of aircraft.
  • Rubber: Is used to make tyres and shoes.

Developing our Resources

The process by which natural resources are turned into finished goods is called production. Production can be divided into three categories:

  • Primary Production: It involves the extraction of raw materials from the soil or sea. Goods available at this stage are raw materials.
  • Secondary Production: It is the stage in which the raw materials is processed and transformed into finished products. The process is known as manufacturing.
  • Tertiary Production: Tertiary production is the stage at which the finished goods are supplied to the consumers. After goods are manufactured, it needs to get to the final user. The people who buy and use manufactured goods are called consumers. This stage completes the production process.

Chain of Distribution

This is the process the raw materials go through before reaching the final consumer.

  • The manufacturer buy raw materials and turn them into goods for distribution.
  • The wholesaler is the trader who buy goods in large quantities from the manufacturer and sell them in smaller quantities to the retailer. They find market for the manufactured goods. They are also called middlemen because they serve as a bridge between the manufacturer and the retailer.
  • The retailer buy goods in small quantities from the wholesaler and sell them in units to the final consumer. They complete the production process by taking the goods to the final consumer.

Contribution of Individuals and Organization to Resources Development

  • Education
  • Technology
  • Peaceful environment
  • Land
  • Protection
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