Board Practice: Lettering  


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In today’s class, we will be talking about lettering. Enjoy the class!

Board Practice: Lettering  

Board Practice: Lettering

First things first, what exactly is hand lettering? Hand lettering is a specific creative skill that uses letters to create beautiful design and art. You might think that hand-lettering is just a fancier version of handwriting, but that’s not quite right! Of course, both practices use written language, but the similarities end there. Hand lettering requires some level of discipline and skill to be developed to achieve your lettering goals. That’s good news, though! That means that no matter how neat or messy your handwriting is, you can learn hand lettering and get good at it.

To succeed at hand lettering, you need to pick up a bit of knowledge about pens, materials, practising techniques, and the letters themselves.

Hand lettering essentials

There are a ton of different hand lettering materials that you can go out and get, but here are the ones I suggest to total newbies who just want to learn the basics.

  • Paper:

You need a good base for all your lettering, right? You can use regular computer paper or plain card-stock. Those will work just fine! But for learning purposes, I would highly recommend a good paper sheet of paper with good size.

  • Pens:

Basically, the pen is an essential part of lettering. Without pen for lettering, drawing cannot take place.

There are two types of pens involve in lettering: the real pen for writing and the other pen is a brush pen.

Other things to note in lettering
  • The baseline:

This is the line where all your letters will sit. The main body of each letter’s bottom will rest upon this line, and from there you will base the other aspects of letter anatomy. Think of it as your bottom when you sit on a chair.

  • The anatomy of letters:

One of the very first things you need to learn before you jump right into lettering is the anatomy of letters. It’s easy to want to skip this step because you might think you already know plenty about letters. After all, you read and write every day! But I promise you that a solid foundation in letter anatomy will go a long way towards your lettering goals.

Understanding letter anatomy can help you figure out how to best make a hand-lettered work of art look balanced and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Fonts:
  1. Serif fonts
  2. Sans serif fonts
  3. Script fonts


In our next class, we will be talking about FreeHand Sketching- Definition, Techniques.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

Should you have any further question, feel free to ask in the comment section below and trust us to respond as soon as possible.

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