Identification and Classification of Wood


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Wood is a fibrous and porous structural tissue of wood trees and other wood plans. This organic material made from natural cellulose fibres is found in their roots and stems, growing upward all the way to the tops of their canopy.

The main physical characteristic of wood fibres is their strong tension that is created both by its natural strength, and the way the fibres are embedded in a matrix that very effectively resists compression. Wood plays an important supporting role in a living tree.

Identification of wood

Woods are made from trees. There are 5 major parts of a tree. Namely:

  • Roots:

The roots search for mineral salts in the soil. They equally hold the tree firmly in the soil.

  • Stems or truck:

The stem supports the branches and exposes them to sunshine.

  • Branches:

They bear the fruits and leaves.

  • Barks:

Barks protects the growing part of the tree from weather animals and mechanical injury.

  • Leaves:

Leaves prepare plants food in the presence of sunlight. Plants respiration is carried out through the stomata.

Classification of wood

Woods are classified into two parts. They are the hardwood and the softwood. These various classes of woods have different characteristics.

The table below will best describe the two classes of woods

1 Hardwood is called a deciduous tree. Softwood is called a coniferous tree.
2 Hardwood has broad leaves. Softwood has needle-like leaves.
3 Hardwood shed its leaves once every year. Softwood has evergreen leaves.
4 The seed is enclosed in cases. They have naked seeds
5 The heartwood of hardwood is heavy. The heartwood of softwood is light in weight.
6 The heartwood of hardwood is dark in colour. The heartwood of softwood has the same colour as sapwood.
7 Hardwood produce timber for furniture and other construction works. Softwood produces commercial softwood.
8 Hardwood is grown mostly in tropical regions. Example of hardwood is iroko tree Softwood is grown mostly in temperate regions. Example of softwood is whispering tree.


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