Classification/Type of the Stock

The stock is basically classified according to their colors and type of main ingredient used to flavor the stock.

White stock:

Both white and brown stocks are made from the bones and vegetables, however, the process and timings to be followed for each are slightly different.
Vegetables such as leeks, onion, celery, and turnips are used to flavor the stock as red-colored vegetables like carrots, etc. will change the color of the stock. No tomato product is used for white stock.

Brown stock:

In the case of brown stocks, the bones and vegetables are roasted or caramelized. Tomato paste is used and it is also sautéed to get a deep brown color. The shin bones of beef have the best flavors and hence, the most preferred for brown beef stocks.

Fish Stock:

Usually, fish stock is made by using fish trimming and fish bones, flesh is avoided as it has short and delicate fiber which can make the stock go cloudy while cooking, sometimes lime is also added to help the flesh to quickly co-regulate and seal so it doesn’t fall off. Even the cooking time for the fish stock is never simmered more than 20 minutes which again avoids the cloudiness of the stock.
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