It is the term to describe the characteristics of the finished products such as:
1) Appearance 
2) Feel to touch 
3) Softness 
4) Mouthfeel

Various Textures:

1) Firm and Close: the creation of air bubbles by adding raising agents in the baked products due to which volume is increased, which are many and small. The products are crisp and not spongy, e.g, biscuits and plain short pastry.
2) Short and Crumbly: this is the same as firm and close, but more fat is added, e.g. shortbread, nankhatais, biscuits, shortcrust pastry, etc.
3) Light and Even: there are plenty of holes and of a fair size. The food is firm but not tough or hard. It is neither short nor spongy. E.g. Madeira, queen cakes etc.
4) Spongy: an elastic and soft appearance with air holes created by the inclusion of air, it is soft and elastic to touch as in idlies, khamang dhoklas, swiss rolls, etc.
5) Flaky: this is created by the addition of fat to the dough by rolling and folding different layers. The crispness is due to the method of rubbing fat with the flour. In order to get a good flaky texture, the right amount of ingredients, proper mixing and correct temperature are essential, e.g. puff and flaky pastry, tikona parathas, mathis, etc.
6) Smooth: when a dry ingredient is added to a liquid and the blending results in a smooth texture, e.g. sauces, batters, gravies.
The following are the incorrect textures which spoil a dish and should be avoided. 
1) Coarse and open texture: in this one can see uneven and large holes due to the excessive addition of raising agent.
2) Hard texture: the air enclosed has been driven off, maybe due to the addition of more liquid than required or has not been mixed properly. The low temperature of the oven also spoils the texture.
3) Soggy texture: this occurs due to the presence of too much moisture.
4) Lumpy texture: this caused due to the improper mixing of solids and liquids at the same temperature. This texture may occur in sauces, gnocchi, suji halwa etc.
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