Generally, the “consistency” word refers to the makeup of the gravies as used in various cuisines such as Indian cuisine or various other preparations such as soups, sauces, batters and the word consistency is generally used to the materials containing liquid as a major ingredient- various kinds of consistencies are:
 1) Thick Consistency: for example, in soups such as cream of tomato, cream of peas, puree soups, velouté, bisques and various sauces such as tomato, hollandaise, mayonnaise etc.
2) Pouring Consistency: the best examples of pouring consistencies are batters, pancake batters etc.
3) Thin Consistency: for example, consommés and broth have got thin consistencies.
4) Frozen Consistency: for example, in jellies and ice creams were the particles are connected to each other very strongly and hence are unable to flow freely and have got a very thick consistency.
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