The popularity of soups today may be due to increased nutrition consciousness, a desire for simpler lighter meals, or an increased appreciation of how appetizing and satisfying soup can be. Whatever the reason, they emphasize the importance of soup-making skills. Soup, according to a dictionary, is a liquid food derived from meat, poultry, fish or vegetable or a combination of them.
Classification of Soup Soups can be classified into three main categories: 
1. Clear or un-thickened Soups
2. Thick Soups
3. Specialty and National Soups
Most of these soups, whatever the category, are based on stock. Thus, the quality of soup depends upon the skill of stock making.


The standard portion size for soup is 6 to 8 oz. (200 to 250 ml) Serve hot soups piping hot in soup cups or bowls Serve cold soups chilled in chilled cups or ideally, nesting in a container of crushed ice.
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