Cultural Practices – Planting Operations

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Last class, we discussed Cultural Practices – Pre planting Operations.
In today’s class, we will be talking about Cultural Practices – Planting Operations. We will discussing the various activities involved in cultivating a crop. Enjoy the class!



Planting Operations: This is the actual planting of the seedlings, seeds or the propagation materials. Planting operations comprise all activities carried out during the planting process. They include the following:

  • Seed Treatment

seed treatment

This is a way of dressing the seeds or the planting materials, to adequately prepare them for planting, so as to ensure good germination or sprouting, and subsequently good yield.

  • Spacing and Planting:

Spacing refers to the planting distance allowable for each crop specie, between inter-row and intra-row plants It varies from one plant specie to another. Incorrect spacing may lead to over-crowding, resulting in competition for light, water space, soil nutrient, etc.

  • Seed Rate:

This is the quantity of seeds or planting materials required to plant up an area indicated in the amount of seed per stand of the field.

  • Planting Date:

This varies with crops, species and climatic factors. However, there is early planting between March and May and late planting from August to October.

  • Planting Depth:

This is the sowing depth required or allowed for the plant to perform well in the field.

  • Transplanting:

transplanting planting operations

This is the process of removing the seedling from the nursery to the field, where they will be allowed to establish until maturity and harvesting.

  • Pricking:

Removal of seedlings at two-leaf from pre-nursery to nursery.

nusery planting operations


In our next class, we will be talking about Cultural Practices – PostPlanting Operations. We do hope you enjoyed the class?

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