Development of Agriculture in Nigeria


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branches of agriculture


Agriculture development should be such that Agriculture development brings about a revolution in the agriculture industry to give birth to agriculture which is profit giving and at the same time eco friendly.

Agriculture development means providing assistance to crop producers with the help of various agricultural resources.

Providing protection, assisting in the research sphere, employing the latest techniques, controlling pests and facilitating diversity all fall within the purview of agriculture development.

The following steps can be adopted for bringing about agriculture development in the agriculture market.

  • Carrying out research relating to resources. Designing or creating information for stakeholders and farmers.
  • Research and development in the fields associated with organization and partnership amongst individuals conducting research, producing crops etc.
  • Designing projects for the estimation of crop yield. Also applying and transferring technology.
  • Management of pests, certification, plans for using lands in a specific manner, providing financial help etc.

Agriculture development consisting of planning of resources comprises of pollution issues, estimates or evaluates the latest technologies used for the purpose of agriculture.

It includes several federal as well as local agricultural programs for bringing about agriculture development.

Technical help for land use is also an important part of agriculture development.
Land issues relating to agricultural land include:

  • Preservation of resources associated with agricultural land
  • Reducing disputes between the agricultural community and the residents in the rural area.
  • Agriculture development also includes helping out farmers with regard to animal agriculture.

Grazing systems also fall within the purview of agriculture development.

Agriculture development also includes rotational grazing which extends benefits for the protection of natural resources, utilization of forage crops right through the growth season, quality production and also includes the flow of cash.

Agriculture development consisting of rotational grazing is also a means of preserving water by managing livestock.

Agriculture development comprising of the rotational programs can be made use of by the farmers to avail of programs like EQIP or Environmental Quality Improvement Programs.



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