Employment Opportunities in Agriculture


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Employment Opportunities in Agriculture

Employment Is a paid job, work or occupation a person does for a living.

Employment Opportunities in Agriculture are grouped into two

  • Self-employment
  • Paid employment

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Employment Opportunities in Agriculture

  1. Food Scientist: Food scientists and technologists use chemistry, biology and other sciences to study the basic elements of food. They analyse the nutritional count of food, discover new food sources and research ways to make processed food safe and healthy.
  2. Agricultural Journalist: An agricultural journalist covers all the events articles of interest and stories which are relevant to farmers and others in their area. They gather news by observing, interviewing and researching relevant topics/events.
  3. Wildlife Specialist: A wildlife forensics specialist is a scientist who uses chemical techniques to investigate wildlife crimes. These scientists analyse animals, animal parts and products and other evidence collected by wildlife inspectors and other officials.
  4. Veterinarian: A veterinarian or a vet, is someone who gives animals veterinary medicine or medical treatment. They are doctors for animals.
  5. Agri-business Management: The management field of the agricultural industry is agri-business. According to the 2015 Agri-business Job Report, there were 26 per cent more application posted on Agcareer.com than 2014 and job listings were up from the previous year as well; with nearly 6, 800 new listings a month.
  6. Food Packers and Packagers: For agricultural products to reach their ultimate destination, they must definitely package safely and appropriately beforehand for shipment. Here is the major task for the food packers and packagers do.
  7. Book Keeping, Accounting and Auditing Clerks: Just as every industry needs more people to count money and keep track of expenses, so also the Agricultural industry as being part of the most important industries.
  8. Agricultural and Natural Resources Communications: Combining an interest in Agriculture and that of communication, here is a field that provides for that. Agricultural communications professionals work in print and broadcast journalism, on the staffs of magazines and newspapers, as press spokespeople and marketing executives.
  9. Agricultural Equipment Operators: The job outlook for agricultural equipment operators have been continuously good for the past 10 years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, with job growth of 5 to 9 per cent in the next 10years. These highly skilled agricultural workers driver, operate and maintain the equipment used to plant and harvest crops; such as tractors, bladders, harvesters, shredders and lot more.
  10. Farm Workers and Laborers: According to the Bureau of labour statistics, over 850, 000 people were employed as agricultural workers and a variety of roles. Agricultural workers and labourers are employed in greenhouses and plant nurseries as well as on farms and ranches. They also do routine animals care task on ranches and dairy farms keep written records on animals, assist at birth and keep animal housing areas clean.

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