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In nature, biological equilibrium is attained by predator-prey relationships. However, this is achieved in human beings by family planning and birth control. Family planning is a device by which couples determine the number of children they want and when they want them.

Birth control refers to the method used to prevent a woman from becoming pregnant for as long as she wishes.

Without family planning, the population of a nation can rise indiscriminately and may not be able to match the available food and other resources. Famine and death can eventually result.

Family planning is all about prevention of pregnancy and not a termination of life. Carefully planned family planning prevents unwanted pregnancies. The birth control or family planning devices include the following;

  • Use of condom
  • Sterilization
  • Spermicides
  • Intra-uterine device (IVD)
  • Contraceptive pills or injection
  • Rhythm method
  • Withdrawal method


Relationship in the Family



  1. What do you understand by environmental resistance
  2. List the abiotic factors affecting the population of organisms.
  3. State five of the biotic factors affecting the population of organisms.
  4. Differentiate between family planning and birth control.
  5. State five devices that can be used in family planning



College Biology, chapter 23, pages 542-544




  1. Population means …………. A. number of organisms in a habitat B. total number of organisms of the same species  C. total number of organisms of different species  D. total number of organisms
  2. The biotic factors affecting population include the following except A. parasite  B. predator  C. water  D. mortality
  3. These are abiotic factors affecting population except A. space  B. natality  C. light  D. nutrient
  4. The least effective method of birth control is the A. use of pills  B. condom  C. spermicide  D. withdrawal method
  5. The activities of an organism which affect the survival of another organism in a habitat are referred to as ………… factor A. biotic  B. abiotic  C. edaphic  D. climatic



  1. What is a population?
  2. State six biotic factors affecting the population of organisms
  3. What is dynamic equilibrium?




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