Meaning And Important Of Technology Method

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Technology means invention, including tools, machines, sources and techniques of power that makes work and lives easier for the people. Both computers and phones or mobiles are the only technology. Technology is when people used knowledge to create a new thing to solve existing problems.

Technology makes it easy to matches and lighter instead of stones to produce fire.

Technology is the application of science for practical purposes, especially at home, in school, in office, and in industry.


  1. Helps in preserving: The use of salt, drying, frying and freezing of substance in order to preserve them.
  2. Technology helps create means to cook easily: The use of stoves, gas and electric cooker makes cooking easy.
  3. Technology makes our clothes easy to wash: The use of washing machines makes clothes easy and faster to wash when compare with using bear hands.
  4. Technology helps makes food and water very easy to access: With the use of technology, these items are easily delivered to people who needed it.
  5. Technology helps saves time
  6. Communication becomes effective through the means of technology


  1. List five technologies around you
  2. List three importance of technology

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