Our weather: Factors and instruments

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Weather is the state of the atmosphere at a particular time. Weather are important for planning our daily activities especially in farming and other related production of goods and services and instruments used for these planning is called weather instruments.

For example, the sun, rain, cloud, wind, temperature, fog, hay etc are all factors that affects our daily activities.

Weather Instruments and their uses.

  1. Thermometer: This is use for measuring air and sea surface temperature.
  2. Barometer: This is used for measuring the atmospheric pressure
  3. Hygrometer: This is used for measuring humidity
  4. Rain gauge: This is used to measure the amount of rain that has fallen over a specific time period
  5. Wind vane: This is an instrument that determines the direction of the wind
  6. Anenometer: This is an instrument use for calculating wind speed
  7. Weather Map: This is an instrument used to forecast a weather
  8. Your eyes: Your eyes are one of the best ways to help detect the weather.


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