Review of Question Tags


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In today’s class, we will be talking about a review of question tags. Enjoy the class!

Review of question tags

Question tag grammar+exercises

Question tags are short questions used at the end of the statements to confirm if the statement is true or not. It may also be used to evoke a reply from the person you are speaking to. The subject of a question tag is always a pronoun.

E.g. It’s very hot, isn’t it?

  1. Negative question tag:

If the main sentence is positive, the question tag should be negative. The pattern followed by a negative question tag is:

auxiliary + n’t + subject

Examples of negative question tag
  • You are free, aren’t you?
  1. Positive question tag:

If the main sentence is negative, the question tag should be positive. The pattern followed by a positive question tag is:

auxiliary + subject

Examples of positive question tag
  • You aren’t busy, are you?
  1. Question tags with an auxiliary verb:

If there is an auxiliary verb (be, have, do, is, etc.) in the main sentence, the question tag also contains the same auxiliary verb.

E.g. It’s raining, isn’t it?

  1. Question tags without an auxiliary verb:

In case, the main part of the sentence doesn’t contain an auxiliary verb, the question tag is constructed with the relevant form of ‘do’. E.g. He eats fish, doesn’t he?

Narrative and descriptive composition

  1. Write a descriptive composition on your family.


In our next class, we will be talking about Identification and Use of Adverbial Clause of Condition ‘IF’.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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