Use of Comparative Forms of Adjectives in Sentences


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In today’s class, we will be talking about the use of comparative forms of adjectives in sentences. Enjoy the class!

Use of comparative forms of adjectives in sentences

Comparative Adjectives

Sentences with comparative adjectives

Now that we know how to identify comparative and superlative adjectives, let’s see them in action. Here is a list of sentences making comparisons between two things:

  1. My house is bigger than yours.
  2. Your grade is worse than mine.
  3. The Pacific Ocean is deeper than the Arctic Ocean.
  4. You are more polite than Joey.
  5. My brother is taller than I am, but he is older too.
  6. A rose is more beautiful than a daisy.
  7. The Earth is larger than the moon.


Comparative and superlative
  • Comparative adjectives compare one noun to another noun.
  • Superlative adjectives compare three or more nouns or one noun against a group of nouns.
anger angrier angriest
big bigger biggest
brave braver bravest
bright brighter brightest
broad broader broadest
calm calmer calmest
cold colder coldest
cool cooler coolest
curly curlier curliest
dark darker darkest
dirty dirtier dirtiest
dull duller dullest
dry drier driest
early earlier earliest
easy easier easiest
fine finer finest
fresh fresher freshest



Guided informal letter: a letter to your father on a chosen topic

  • Write a letter to your father telling him you need to buy some textbooks for school.


Using question tags – conversation involving positive to generate questions using tags

Positive question tag:

If the main sentence is negative, the question tag should be positive. The pattern followed by a positive question tag is:

auxiliary + subject

Examples of Positive question tag:
  1. You aren’t busy, are you?
  2. He can’t drive, can he?


In our next class, we will be talking about Identification of Comparative Forms of Adverbs.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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