Structures: Plural Forms of Nouns and Compound Nouns. Speech work: Words of two syllables which are stressed on the first or second syllables. Essay Writing: Story Writing- A story which illustrates the saying- It is a man’s world”.

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Structures: Plural Forms of Nouns and Compound Nouns.

Speech work: Words of two syllables which are stressed on the first or second syllables. Essay Writing: Story Writing- A story which illustrates the saying- It is a man’s world”.


  • Prefixes and negation of pluralization and tenses.

       Prefixes                Meaning               Examples

  1. extra                     outside           extraordinary, extramarital
  2. ex                              out of                         ex-official
  3. inter               between/among         intermarry, inter-city
  4. trans                        across               trans-Atlantic,  Transpose
  5. post                           after                           postgraduate
  6. pre                        before                       pre-history, pre-natal
  7. super                         above                       superhuman
  8. sub                            below                        substandard
  9. ab                            away from               abduct, aborigines
  10. unn                           bringing  together      annual
  11. ante                             year                      antenatal
  12. anti                              before           anti-social
  13. Arch                             against                      archbishop, architect

Negation Suffixes are less,

Childless, fatherless, motherless, heartless, odourless, penniless, useless,

Pluralization suffixes e.g. ies, es,

babies, flies, cases, boxes,

Tense Suffixes e.g. ‘en’, ‘ze’. strengthen, deafen brighten, smoothen, widen ‘ze’

Practicalize, mobilize


Write 2 examples for each of the following suffixes: less, ‘ze’, ‘es’, ‘en’.

  • Speech work: Words of two syllables which are stressed on the first or second syllable.


Words of two syllables Stressed on the first syllable

Words of two syllables stressed on the second syllable.

First syllable

The following words of two syllables are stressed on the first syllable

BAsic                                                  SOLemn

CREDit                                               COLLar

CHRIStian                                         CERtain

FORtune                                           Period

HATred                                              HAMlet

CAPtain                                            VICtor

STUpid                                                MANsion.

Exceptions to the above rule

  1. When a two-syllable word contains a prefix, the primary stress is on the second syllable.

Here are some word examples:

  • enGAGE
  • beFORE
  • inFORM
  • aWAY
  • desPITE
  1. When a two-syllable could double as a noun and a verb, the first syllable takes stress when it is a noun and the second when it is a verb. E.g.
  • CONtent
  • conTENT
  • CONsent
  • conSENT
  • IMport
  • imPORT
  • REform
  • reFORM.


Stress the following words of two syllables.

  1. Constract
  2. remit
  3. betray
  4. arrange
  5. baggar
  6. hundred
  7. primer

  • Essay writing

A story which illustrates the saying – “It is a man’s World”



Writing of the story

Story writing requires imagination.  The story must follow the order in which the events took place, gradually moving the reader to the climax of your story.

The tile, it’s a man’s world, should have a story which revolves around men taking over in every area of life.  You can talk of a man in particular who exhibited the nature of men or with the help of other men excelled in life.

It is also usual in a narrative to use the simple past tense very frequently since the account, relates to past events, e.g. ‘he wrote’, ‘they thought’, ‘we were shocked’.

Be careful with your choice of tenses in this king of writing. See how appropriate the tenses are in the following sentences.

  • We were sleeping when the robbers broke into the house
  • When we arrived at the stadium, the match had gone on  for twenty minutes

Narrate a story on the topic, ‘It’s a man’s world”

Weekend assignment

Choose the right option

  1. He would never do anything improper. He is an ………. Reputable man (a) Emphatically   (b) enormously     (c) eminently
  1. They were ………. Influenced by the words of the traditional ruler (a) Intensely         (b) successively (c) profoundly.
  1. It is not at all harmful. On the contrary, it is quite……….. (a) Innocuous (b) delightful    (c) inefficient
  1. They may disagree at first, but they will come round to your point of view……….. (a) Understandably                    (b) eventually                     (c) swiftly.
  2. They were agitating for the ………of smoking in public places (a) abstinence               (b)  prohibition    (c ) protest

Choose the option nearest in meaning.

  1. The sight of her out of date clothes made many of sue smile (a) old fashion      (b) forgotten   (c) made of date
  1. No one greeted him or spoke to him and he realized he had become a pariah (a)  leper              (b) outcast               (c) traitor
  1. He has such a strong personality: everyone does what he wants (a) character                    (b) face                    (c) body
  1. It was such a peculiar thing to say; I can’t think why he said it. (a) strange               (b) rude                    (c ) different
  1. I can’t find it anywhere, so presumably, its been lost or stolen (a) Undoubtedly              (b) probably                       (c)  clearly



In our next class, we will be talking about Comprehension and Reading Skills: Reading for leisure; Writing: Semi-formal Letter (Explanation and Features); Sentence Structure and formation; Spelling: Dropping (e) and retaining (e).  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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