WAEC May/June 2020 reults


While it is great to read your notes line by line, a student who practises past questions has a better chance of passing WAEC in one sitting than a student who does not practise past questions at all. This is because WAEC questions are not really straightforward like they appear in your notes and textbooks. There is the needed skill of interpretation and that interpretation comes by answering past questions.

Year after year, WAEC stresses the need for students to practice past questions so that it will help them interprete questions and answer them correctly. So, even the examination body thinks you should do more practice of past questions.

On the Afrilearn App, this has been made easy for you. You can practice past questions anywhere, anytime – in transit, in the restaurant, at your leisure time. You don’t have to wait to have a comfortable table and chair before you practise past questions.

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