Adapted Physical Education Special Needs

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In today’s Physical and Health Education class, we will be learning about Adapted Physical Education Programme – Special Needs

Adapted Physical Education Programme – Special Needs

special needs

Special needs can be categorized into several types: medical, physical, sensory, developmental, learning, communication, behavioral, and mental/psychological. Each of these categories includes a variety of disabilities and conditions that affect a person’s ability to function in their daily environment.

What Are Examples Of Special Needs?

The term ‘special needs’ encompasses various conditions that impact a person’s daily functions. Some examples are:

  • Communication needs: speech or language impairments
  • Sensorial needs: deafness, vision impairment
  • Developmental needs: Down Syndrome, autism, intellectual impairment
  • Learning needs: specific learning disabilities

These are just a few examples of special needs.

Special needs is a general term that refers to an individual’s needs related to daily functioning. The term disability is used in the laws that protect individuals with special needs, and a disability is defined as a condition that substantially limits one or more life activities. Special needs encompass physical, emotional, cognitive, psychological, and sensory concerns.

adapted physical education special needs

Individuals with special needs have historically encountered difficulties such as:

  • Abuse: harmful, injurious, or offensive treatment
  • Neglect: improper care or willful deprivation of needed care
  • Harassment: repeated disturbing or pestering
  • Bullying: unwanted or aggressive behavior or coercion
  • Discrimination: prejudicial treatment or exclusion from common experiences

In summary, when dealing with people with special needs in Physical activities such as exercise, It is important to start with the easiest and most gentle activity first, building upon each part with more energetic activities, until the body is at a physical and mental peak.



What is your understanding of Special Needs?


Reading Assignment

What are the examples of Special Needs?


Weekend Assignment

What are the factors considered necessary when dealing with people with Special Needs?


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