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In today’s Physical and Health Education class, we will be learning about Tournament


Can you remember the first time you heard about the Tournament? Not to worry, whether or not this is your first time hearing it, there’s something for everyone to learn today!

When you hear people talk about tournaments, they are simply referring to a competition involving several matches, in which each involves a subset of the competitors, with the overall tournament winner determined based on the combined results of these individual matches.


These are common in those sports and games where each match must involve a small number of competitors: often precisely two, as in most team sports, racket sports and combat sports, many card games and board games, and many forms of competitive debating.

We can also say that a tournament is a competition involving at least three competitors, all participating in a sport or game.

Let’s take a look at some Tournaments that exist.

  • Knockout Tournament

A knockout tournament or elimination tournament is divided into successive rounds; each competitor plays in at least one fixture per round. The top-ranked competitors in each fixture progress to the next round. As rounds progress, the number of competitors and fixtures decreases. The final round, usually known as the final or cup final, consists of just one fixture; the winner of which is the overall champion.

  • Group Tournament

Group tournament, league, division or conference involves all competitors playing a number of fixtures (again, a fixture is one name for a tournament-match that determines who, out of two or three or more, will advance; a fixture may consist of one or more game-matches between competitors). Points are awarded for each fixture, with competitors ranked based either on total number of points or average points per fixture. Usually each competitor plays an equal number of fixtures, in which case rankings by total points and by average points are equivalent. 

  • Multiple Stage

Many tournaments are held in multiple stages, with the top teams in one stage progressing to the next. A group stage (also known as pool play or the pool stage) is a round-robin stage in a multi-stage tournament. The competitors are divided into multiple groups, which play separate round-robins in parallel.

In summary, a tournament is a competition involving at least three competitors, all participating in a sport or game. It can also be a knockout, group or multiple stage tournaments. 



Define a Tournament


Reading Assignment

Explain what a Group Tournament is


Weekend Assignment

  • Explain how a knockout Tournament is.
  • Another name for the knockout Tournament is …..

We hope you enjoyed today’s class. In our next class, we will be talking about  Traditional Physical Education And Sports in Nigeria.

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