Physical Education Ideologies

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Physical Education Ideologies

Being around the elderly or religious leaders will often make you hear them talking about the Ideologies in life. So don’t be surprised when you hear saying this is my ideology!

However, when we talk about Physical Education Ideologies, we are referring to Nationalism and Patriotism. 

Why is this so? Let’s find out!

Nationalism and Patriotism are often intertwined, as sports provide a venue for symbolic competition between nations; sports competition often reflects national conflict and has often been a tool of diplomacy. The involvement of political goals in sport is seen by some as contrary to the fundamental ethos of sport being carried on for its own sake, and for the enjoyment of its participants, but this involvement has been true throughout the history of sport.


Patriotism is the idea of believing in your country. Patriotism in sports can take place internationally, or simply be an event large enough to bring the entire country together. 


The idea of Patriotism and Nationalism also has its roots in the philosophy of physical education.

As we previously learned, the philosophy of physical education is an aspect of philosophy that seeks to analyze issues of sports and physical activities as human activity. These issues cover many areas, and can often include aesthetics. The philosophical perspective on physical education originated in Ancient Greece, having experienced a revival in the end part of the 20th century with the work.

A philosophical perspective on physical education incorporates its metaphysical relationships with art and play, ethical issues of virtue and fairness, and more broadly sociopolitical.

physical education ideologies

Ancient Greece is considered the birthplace of both ancient philosophy and Olympic sport. Hellenistic philosophies hung great significance on athletic performance. A leader’s athletic prowess, according to history, reflects their ability to lead. (Games of the Phaeacians in Homer’s Odyssey) The sport was seen as an epistemic inquiry, a methodological process by which we learn the objective truth of a person’s athletic potential by actualizing it in athletic competition. 

In summary, Patriotism and Nationalism are everywhere. A jam-packed stadium, filled with fans observing the same incredible spectacle is a powerful event to observe.

Importantly, the idea of Patriotism and Nationalism also has its roots in the philosophy of physical education.



Explain what you understand by Physical Education Ideologies.


Reading Assignment

Define Nationalism and Patriotism. 


Weekend Assignment

Explain broadly the foundation of philosophy in Nationalism and Patriotism. 


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