Modern Sports in West Africa

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Modern Sports in West Africa

Since the late nineteenth century, modern sports in Africa have both reflected and shaped cultural, social, political, economic, generational, and gender relations on the continent. 

Did you know that colonial powers originally introduced European sports as a means of civilizing indigenous populations?

As a result, Africans quickly developed these sporting practices to fulfill their own varied interests. This collection encompasses a wide range of topics, including women footballers in Nigeria, Kenya’s world-class long-distance runners, pitches and stadiums in communities large and small, fandom and pay-to-watch kiosks, the sporting diaspora, sports pedagogy, sports as resistance and as a means to forge identity, sports heritage, the impact of politics on sports, and sporting biography.

Today, football is the most popular sport in West African countries, and in 2010 South Africa became the first African nation to host the FIFA World Cup. Aside from football, basketball is also a common sport appreciated in West Africa. 

modern sports in west africa

In summary, Athletics is one of the major single competitions in West Africa. Not only that,  it has been part of the African Games since 1965. In addition, sports like boxing, tennis and karate are also considered modern sports that have developed over the years in West Africa. 


Explain the origin of Modern Sports in West Africa


Reading Assignment

Explain the difference between a Traditional Sport and a Modern Sport. 


Weekend Assignment

Give five examples of Modern Sports


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