Athletics – Safety rules in athletics



Welcome to class!

In today’s class, we’re going to talk about something very important – safety rules in athletics. Let’s learn how to stay safe while having fun and being active!

Athletics – Safety Rules in Athletics 

Teacher: Welcome, my little safety stars! Today, we’re going to learn about safety rules that are crucial when we participate in athletics. Why do you think we need safety rules?

Athletics - Safety rules in athletics

Pupil 1: To make sure we don’t get hurt while playing sports!

Teacher: You’re absolutely right! Safety rules are like our protective gear in sports. Let’s start with the first rule – “Wearing the Right Gear.” Can anyone tell me what gear we should wear when we do athletics?

Pupil 2: We should wear comfortable clothes and sneakers, right?

Teacher: Yes, that’s correct! When we do athletics, we should wear comfy clothes and sneakers to protect our feet. It’s like putting on our superhero costumes for safety!

Pupil: I’m a safety superhero!

Teacher: Haha, I love that! Now, let’s talk about “Stretching and Warming Up.” Why is it important to stretch before we run or jump?

Pupil 3: Stretching helps our muscles get ready so we don’t get hurt!

Teacher: Exactly! Stretching helps our muscles warm up and become flexible, preventing injuries. It’s like a gentle wake-up call for our bodies.

Athletics - Safety rules in athletics

Pupil: I’m stretching like a rubber band!

Teacher: Great! Lastly, “Listening to the Coach” is crucial. Why should we listen carefully to our coach during athletics?

Pupil 4: The coach keeps us safe by telling us what to do!

Teacher: You got it! Coaches give us instructions to keep us safe and help us improve. It’s like having a wise mentor guiding us on our athletic journey!

Summary: In today’s class, we learned about safety rules in athletics, including wearing the right gear, stretching and warming up, and listening to our coach. These rules help us stay safe while having fun and being active.


Why do you think safety rules are like superhero costumes when we do athletics? How do these rules protect us and make our athletic adventures more enjoyable?

We have come to the end of today’s class. I hope you enjoyed the class!

In the next class, we shall be discussing Benefits of Short Distance Race.

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