Attitude to Work

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What is work?

Work is the activity which a person performs regularly in order to provide goods or services and earn a living.

People who work make things happen. They solve problems and get paid for doing so.

Our attitude to work

  • We must learn to do a particular kind of work. We can do this by going to a school. We can learn a trade by learning directly from those who know and practise the trade.
  • We must learn to do our work with skill.
  • We must arrive at work early, even if we are self-employed.
  • We must work hard in order to get the best results.
  • We should get the kind of job we love doing. We would find it easy to work hard and do our best if we love what we do.

Reward/Advantages of Hardwork

  • Those who work hard solve problems and get paid for doing so.
  • Employers are happy with hard-working people and promote them.
  • Employers increase the salaries of hard-working employees.
  • People who are hard-working are self-reliant. Being self-reliant is honorable.
  • Hard-working people find it easy to get better paying jobs.

Reward/Disadvantages of Laziness

  • Lazy people do not get promoted at work.
  • Sometimes, lazy people get demoted at their work places.
  • Lazy people get sacked from work.
  • Many times, lazy people find it difficult to make profit, especially when they are self-employed. This is because they are unable to solve problem and consequently, they do not get paid.
  • Laziness could turn people into beggars. Begging is not honorable at all.

How to Encourage Hardwork

  • Children who do their work promptly, well and without excuses end up becoming hard-working adults.
  • Those who help out with hard work learn to develop a good attitude to work, early in life.
  • Lazy children end up becoming lazy adults. Laziness is very shameful and does not befit anyone.

Tools Used by Workers to Demand for their Rights

  • Demonstration
  • Strike
  • Dialogue
  • Boycott
  • Lobbying



  1. What is Work?
  2. Mention three rewards for hardwork.
  3. List two disadvantages of laziness.



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