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We have already found out that we have rights as citizens of this country. We are also aware of what we should expect from the government. As it is, our society will not make progress if we contribute nothing to it.

We shall now examine our own duties and obligations towards government and to the society as a whole. We should always do the following:

  • Obey the laws of the land and obey those in authority.
  • Pay taxes promptly.
  • Show loyalty to our country by respecting the national symbols (such as the coat of arms and the national flag), reciting the national pledge and singing the national anthem. We should remain at attention while reciting the pledge and singing the national anthem.
  • Vote during elections.
  • Defend Nigeria by serving her in any part of the country and in any way in which we are asked to do so.
  • Respect the values of our society. We should always remember values such as honesty, respect, self-reliance, and all the other values which we have examined in our text.
  • Serve our immediate community in whatever way we can.
  • Help government agencies to maintain law and order.
  • Be good ambassadors of Nigeria. For example, when we travel outside
  • Nigeria, we must be well behaved and obey the laws of the land to which we have travelled.
  • Protect the rights of other citizens. We can do this by ensuring that we do not violate the rights of other people.
  • Uphold the good name of Nigeria at all times.


Unsolicited obligations

Unsolicited obligations refer to those things which we do on our own to ensure the progress of our society. They are not imposed on us. Here are some examples of unsolicited obligations:

  • If a tap is left running, you could turn it off.
  • Community leaders could settle disputes among the other members of the community.
  • Younger people could visit elderly people and ensure they are comfortable.
  • If an accident occurs, call the ambulance. Call those who are old enough to give first aid treatment to the victims.
  • Help victims of disasters.

Consequences of Citizens Failing to Perform Their Duties and Obligations

If the citizens of a society do not perform their duty, the following things will happen:

  • Government will be unable to pursue the programmes it has planned for the society.
  • There will be a breakdown of law and order.
  • Crime would be rife and so lives and property would be unsafe.
  • The citizens would be ungovernable and the society would be undeveloped.
  • The country might remain poor because other countries would hate to do business with an ungovernable country. Also, citizens would be unable to operate their own businesses.
  • The country would be discredited among the comity of nations.


  1. Explain four duties of a citizen of Nigeria.
  2. What would happen if the citizens of a country do not perform their duties?

Mention three consequences of failure to perform duties.

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