Pressure Groups II

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Let us continue our thoughts on Pressure Groups.


Advantages of Pressure Groups

Pressure groups are important for the following reasons:

  • They protect the interest of their members.
  • They provide welfare services: They assist their members whenever they need help. They sometimes assist nonmembers, for example, members of the Nigerian Bar Association sometimes give free legal services to those who cannot afford to pay lawyers in court. ‘
  • They provide employment: Many pressure groups have workers who are paid to work for the group.
  • They check the excesses of government.
  • They offer useful suggestions to the government.
  • Many times, they fight the cause of the common man.


Disadvantages of pressure groups

  • Sometimes, pressure groups are selfish. They pursue goals which would benefit just a few people.
  • They sometimes embark on strike actions and disrupt economic activities.
  • They may encourage social disorder. Sometimes, when they embark on rallies, miscreants seize the opportunity to disturb the society by robbing people and running riot.
  • Sometimes, they misinform the public. They give wrong information.
  • Their activities may topple the government.



  1. Write out four advantages of pressure groups.
  2. Write out three disadvantages of pressure groups.
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