Ways of Assisting People affected by Disaster

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We have seen in our previous classes what natural disasters are, examples, their effects and the attitude of the victims of natural disaster, we will conclude on Natural Disaster by looking at how we can help victims of Natural Disaster.


Our Attitude Towards the Victims of Natural Disasters

As earlier mentioned, natural disasters are caused by the forces of nature and those who survive them go through a lot of shock and trauma. We should do all we can, to assist them.

Some of the things we could do to assist them are:

  • We could take them into our homes.
  • We could offer them food, clothing and money.
  • We could make donations to health care workers to help provide medicines for them.
  • If people are trapped under debris, we could join the rescue team. We could assist the rescue team by giving them useful information.
  • We could visit the victims and pray with them.
  • We could help repair the damage caused by the disaster if we have the skill to do so. If not, we could make donations to the agency in charge of such repair or rescue work.


Organization Responsible for Assisting Accident Victims

In Nigeria, the major organisation which looks after disaster victims is the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA). It helps to distribute relief materials (such as food and clothing) to the victims of disasters. It evacuates and rehabilitates them. Members of this agency advise the victims on how to continue with life without being sorrowful. This is called counselling. The agency also helps to treat victims who might have fallen sick. It also helps to ensure that an epidemic does not break out.

Some international organisations which look after disaster victims are Red Cross, United Way, World Food Programme, The Peace Corps.

Although natural disasters are caused by nature, they are sometimes made worse by the actions of human beings. For example, flooding can be made worse by man’s destruction of the forests. Also, flooding can be made worse when people block the drainage system with dirt, and when they build houses in the place created for water to flow through.

Although natural disasters cannot be avoided, scientists, can sometimes predict them. Such predictions will enable those in the area to leave before the occurrence. Generally, the natural disasters which occur in Nigeria are flood and lightning.



  1. State three effects of natural disasters.
  2. State three ways in which we can assist victims of natural disasters.
  3. Mention three organisations which help to look after the victims of disasters; one of those organisations must be based in Nigeria.




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