Government III

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To continue our discussion on Government, we will be looking at the importance of Government.


Importance of Government

Government refers to those who rule and control a country or community. It refers to the system by which the society is being ruled to ensure peace, order and stability. It also refers to the way in which the leaders manage the welfare of the people.

Why is Government Necessary

Every society needs a government. Government is necessary for the following reasons:

  • Controlling the people: People would be unruly if no one in particular is appointed to control what goes on in society.
  • Maintaining law and order: The government makes laws and creates an agency to make sure people obey those laws.
  • Ensuring justice.
  • Provision of security for the people.
  • Ensuring the progress and development of the country.
  • Defending the nation.
  • Maintaining good relations between the country and other countries.


A Society without a Government

People in the society have different experiences and therefore, have different ideas about life. Because of these differences they would do things in different ways. Also, some people are bad and would like to make others unhappy.

  • Lawlessness: People would do just anything at any time, and the society would be disorganized.
  • Unrest: Many people would make trouble and disturb those who would have loved to live peacefully. The society would be at war all the time.
  • Insecurity: Criminals would operate without restraint.
  • Injustice: Those who are strong would oppress the weak ones.
  • Violation of rights: Some people would abuse their own rights and violate the rights of other people.
  • Fear: The weak people would live in fear of stronger people. They would live in fear of criminals too.
  • Lawlessness and confusion: A society without leaders would be confused, because the people would lack the sense of responsibility.
  • Underdevelopment and lack of progress: Since there would be no one to control the affairs of the society, development would be slow or even nonexistent.



  1. Give two reasons why every society needs a government.
  2. Describe three things which would happen in a society without a government.






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